From Nano to Micro Power Electronics

And Packaging Workshop

November the 8th, 2018

Tours, France





Technical Committee: Stéphane BELLENGER, éolane, France – General Chairman

Daniel ALQUIER, Greman Laboratory, France - Chairman

Christophe SERRE, ST Microelectronics, France - Chairman

Lars BÖTTCHER, Fraunhofer Institute IZM, Germany

Cyril BUTTAY, Ampère Laboratory, France

Guillaume CALLERANT, Sonceboz S.A., Switzerland

Jean-Luc DIOT, Minapack, France

Marc DUCHOSSOY, Thales Group, France

Sébastien JACQUES, Greman Laboratory, France

Guo-Quan LU, Virginia Tech, USA

Jürgen SCHUDERER, ABB Corporate Research, Switzerland



 8 h 30 Workshop package and badge distribution


 9 h 00 Welcome and full day workshop program presentation


 9 h 10 Keynotes: Power Module Packaging, Market & Technology trends – Claire Troadec – Yole Développement, France

EV-HEV Automotive Power Modules Packaging, Innovation & Trends – Elena Barbarini - System Plus Consulting


10 h 00 Coffee break / Table Top Exhibition


10 h 30 Session 1: Design & Applications


10 h 30 An efficient tool for modelling piezoelectric cantilevers used for mechanical energy harvesting – T. Hoang – Greman Laboratory, Tours’s University, Blois, France


10 h 55 Methodology of signal and power integrity for multilayer PCB – Zhifei Xu – Normandy University, UNIROUEN, ESIGELEC, Rouen, France


11 h 20 Thermal design, modelling and simulation of EDDEMA PCB – Michael Unger – TU Wien University, Vienna, Austria


11 h 45 Optimized electrical and thermal layout of 1700V 450A LoPak1 IGBT power module by holistic design approach – Leonel Soberano – IMI Laguna, Manila, Philippines

12 h 10 Table Top Exhibition visit and Lunch (Buffet)

13 h 25 Keynotes: Power Module Packaging, Market & Technology trends – Jean-Marc Yannou –

       ASE Europe, Belgium


14 h 10 Session 2: Materials, Processes & Technologies


14 h 10 High Integration of Full H Bridge on silicon interposer – Jean Charbonnier – Grenoble Alps University, CEA-LETI, France


14 h 35 Design of a 3kW power converter using PCB-embedding technology– Cyril Buttay – Engineering School INSA Lyon and Lyon University, France


15 h 00 Low temperature sintering technologies for advanced power electronics module packaging – Chunlei Liu – ABB Corporate Research, Switzerland


15 h 25 Coffee break / Table Top Exhibition

15 h 50 Session 3: Quality & Reliability

15 h 50 Solder with engineered metal matrix - Increased bondline reliability between power device and Substrate – Graham Wilson – Indium Corporation, United Kingdom


16 h 15 Recent developments of metallized ceramic substrates for the packaging of power semiconductors – Olivier Mathieu – Rogers Corporation, Germany


16 h 40 Investigation on Cu-Sn inter-diffusions and intermetallic joints for power semiconductor packaging – Yousra Bettahi – STMicroelectronics, France

17 h 05 End of session


Next to the workshop sessions of Thursday, November the 8th, an exceptional event will be organized to close the workshop day for which you need to register if you wish to attend:

-        A visit of famous castle near Tours town. Departure from Greman’s institute at 17h30

-        A dinner in a gastronomic restaurant around 19h30